Framing (translated from English – frame, framing) is a technique, the essence of which is to place the main object of the picture in a kind of frame from other objects in the photo in the midst of SWEET 16 PHOTOSHOOT . This frame complements and better reveals the plot, helps to highlight the main object in the photo. At the same time, it is important that the main object and the frame do not compete for the attention of the viewer and do not contradict each other in terms of plot. Such a frame can be a window, an arch, a gap in the branches of trees, a wave, a ray of light and other objects.

Framing is a very simple yet very powerful compositional technique that accomplishes several things.

Firstly, the use of a frame allows you to focus the viewer’s attention, direct his gaze, and place accents. It is desirable that the main subject is in focus, but the frame can be left out of focus.
Secondly, framing adds a sense of depth and volume to the frame. As a rule, framing is a work with a multidimensional composition, and the frame here acts as a foreground or background.
Thirdly, the frame allows you to create a peeping effect.

The viewer seems to be looking at the object through the screen created by the surrounding objects and directing the viewer’s gaze deep into the frame.
This technique is most often used when shooting architecture, landscapes, portraits and street photography.