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Framing (translated from English – frame, framing) is a technique, the essence of which is to place the main object of the picture in a kind of frame from other objects in the photo in the midst of SWEET 16 PHOTOSHOOT . This frame complements and better reveals the plot, helps to highlight the main […]

Dof photography

The depth of field of the depicted space, abbreviated as the depth of field. The depth of field of a photograph depends on the FR, on the aperture, on the distance to the subject, and on the crop factor of the camera’s matrix. The more FR, the less the depth of field. The wider the […]

SLR Cameras

A reflex camera (reflex camera, colloquially a reflex camera) which use is a camera whose viewfinder is based on a mirror located behind the lens at an angle of 45 ° to its optical axis. This allows you to view directly through the lens. Relatively recently, SLR cameras were the prerogative of professionals and […]

Sony A99 Mark II camera review

The new translucent mirror camera from Sony is very similar to its predecessor. But at the same time, the A99 Mark II model received many changes. The most significant of these is the upgraded image sensor, which now has a resolution of 42MP and is made using Back Illumination (BSI) technology. But a lot of […]

Protect so you don’t have to restore

First of all, let’s talk about the problems (you can scroll below if you don’t want to) with engagement photography nyc: not everything in this life is eternal, especially that which is subject to mechanical impact. By the way, even the movement and existence of a person can be pulled up here (it is no […]

What is OpenID and what is it with

The Internet today is moving in one strictly defined direction – the direction that techies proudly called the “transition from www to ggg”, which is completely incomprehensible to the layman, as always, will bring both good and bad news. This follows from the fact that today the network penetrates deeper and deeper into our lives: […]

We select the monitor according to the characteristics

In principle, by clicking on the link in the previous paragraph, you will see everything. We have set the following parameters: price: 10000-20000 matrix type: E-IPS, MVA, PVA, S-IPS, S-PVA (this is in ascending order) contrast ratio from 1000:1 brightness from 250 cd/m² DVI input Clear leaders at the time of this writing: NEC MultiSync […]

Characteristics of monitors, we discard the excess

Photographer, do you know what kind of monitor you need?! Not? We, too. Although we will try to guess that some characteristics may be more important than others. Monitors have many characteristics, although the first is often not affected at all, but meanwhile, we must start with it. This is the price. If this parameter […]

The monitor is like the eyes, only better/worse

Well, at least because in digital everything is relative and has different digital characteristics: someone has more megapixels, more memory, a faster processor, a better monitor. And if we have already talked about the monitor settings (we highly recommend reading this article before reading the one that you now see on the screen), then we […]

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